Do you send random messages to your twin flame when you are really drunk and missing her/him?

Have you ever been drunk together with your Twin Flame? I could get drunk and silly with him.

(My Twin Flame and I, we enable each other both for good and bad habits.)

This one time, we were on safari in the middle of a National Park with wild animals: I was freaked out the whole time but once we got drunk, we were all over the place.

Apart from all the crazy stuff that we do when we are together, drinking alcohol intensifies the telepathic communication with my Twin Flame whether we are in the same room or separated by continents.

We confirmed the Telepathic communication every time we had a few glasses of wine we could talk to each other without talking.

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It got worse during physical separation because every time I got drunk, I could shift from 3D to 5D communication without realizing it. This increased the emotional chaos that I am feeling.

I could text him with 5D energy which freaked him out and made him uncomfortable in our 3D relationship. Karmic Partners

I used to make this mistake of randomly texting him when I was drunk but it only made our relationship more complicated.

I had to learn my lessons, and one of them was to learn to quit drinking. I learned to regulate my habits of drinking after I creeped my Twin Flame out.

I hope that my perspective helps you with this question.

Stay Blessed!

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