What if the twin flame runner will not admit the connection forever?

Then it SUCKS for the Twin Flame partner because there is nothing that you can do to make your Twin Flame acknowledge what they feel because we all have free will.

I have been a Twin Flame Runner and I understand how frustrating it is to awaken to the connection yet you feel a deep resistance to feeling unconditional love in the connection with your Twin Flame.

When did you realize that you are a Twin Flame?

For me, I am in my early thirties and once I met my Twin Flame, I relaxed within myself. I got that imminent feeling of “Home” that I knew for sure that he is the oneThis is my Twin Flame Awakening experience.

The reason why I can’t move on from this connection is that I know for sure that we met for a reason. I know that this is the right time for us to be in Union no matter how far physical separation takes us away from each other.

I understand fully that I have no control over what happens and it’s alright if things don’t turn out however I hope therefore I stopped having expectations.

I found Self-Love, empathy, self-forgiveness and unconditional love within myself. I am always looking for different ways to increase happiness in my daily life.

I also know for sure that I can’t share my Soul with anyone else and it will be a lie if I pretended with someone one. You can’t fake a Twin Flame Connection.

Right now, I am happy with the Spiritual aspects of my Twin Flame Connection. My Twin Flame’s energy also gives me company, therefore, I don’t feel alone.

I am taking it a step, a day at a time.

I trust divine timing, therefore I Surrendered my Connection to Divine Timing.

Thanks for asking this.

Stay Blessed!

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