You are your twin flame, not someone else. Do people not get that?


Surrender | Self-Love | Runner | Separation | Awakening | Karmic Partners

Surrender | Self-Love

The essence of the Twin Flame journey is to teach us Twin Flames about the Oneness in the Soul that we share as a unified energetic pair.

Where do I begin?

I feel androgynous sometimes: it’s like I oscillate between divine feminine energy and divine masculine. I don’t have a distinction between his energy and mine.

For example yesterday, I had it rough. I completely gently like half of me was my Twin Flame and the other half was taken over by his energy.

My challenge these days is learning to remember to feel balanced from within because I Love to feel the energetic harmony.

Runner | Separation

But yesterday was different. My Twin Flame’s energy felt stronger than normal – I felt constant flows of euphoric feelings of love but at the same time, I felt his loneliness too. Because these were not my feelings, I was feeling restless all day!

Sometimes my heart radiates intense amounts of unconditional love from my Twin Flame that I still get restless because I never know what to do with the intense love that I feel.

I have never felt separated from my Twin Flame after two years of physical separation.

My Essence is my Twin Flame’s essence. I feel our conscience constantly merging.

Always Connected in Soul | Lessons of True Love | Soul Intimacy – Spiritual Romance

Awakening | Karmic Partners

If I can allow this feeling, I can affirm that I share the same mind as his. I share half of my heart with his. This is how I feel – I feel at One with him.

I thought that I would feel lonely after I changed my life: I have been single since I divorced and I am happy with my life.

I feel content and satisfied with my Spiritual life because I feel connected to the Source of our Soul.

Once you choose to embrace the spiritual aspect of your Twin Flame journey, you realize that your Twin Flame is always with you whether you are physically together or not.

Once I met my Twin Flame, I realized that I have always loved him; I have always been connected to my Twin Flame before I met them I the physical.

What if your Twin Flame is already in a relationship?

Stay Blessed!

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