Is it possible to get your twin flame wrong, no matter how certain you think you know who they are, and that you might be mistaking them for a catalyst? How do you really know?

Once the obsession of wanting a physical relationship with your Twin Flame wears off, the truth of your connection comes to light. You gain a new perspective of your Twin Flame and this is when you know.

I have no plans to date anyone else even if my Twin Flame doesn’t choose me, I am content that our Soul Connection can’t be severed.

The Spiritual Connections with your Twin Flame confirm that you are indeed experiencing a true Twin Flame situation because you feel your shared energy growing into something more pure and profound than the previous Love relationships that you have encountered before.

I just puked a few minutes ago because of the intensity of the energy exchanges between my Twin Flame and I. His energy is distinctively heavier than mine and it catches my body with surprise so I end up throwing up to release the tension.

I am happy on my own after two years of not seen each other.

I still love him and the love only gets purified within me. My life is falling in place on its own as if he would be walking through the door any time soon.

I would want to move on now that I found healing but the connection in the Soul won’t let me. Every time I try, I feel like I’m cheating in my Soul.

At some point on my Twin Flame journey, I felt imprisonment because there is no map on how to navigate the process. Once I encountered my Twin Flame, every day has been a Twin Flame Experience.

It’s not all fun being a Twin Flame. The mood swings still exist even when I feel healed within myself. I am constantly feeling bliss but sometimes I get a wave of unexplainable doubt, fear, restlessness, boredom or intense heartache and lovesickness.

The fact that I can’t move on from the connection, I get lonely.

Sometimes I go out with my friends and they are all praising me about the amazing transformation that I have become. My life is abundantly blessed with happiness, joy, and success.

My friends say that I have always been lucky.

I feel great in general but I miss my Twin Flame on a daily. I keep seeing visions of him everywhere I go. When I see couples in love, I wish it was us.

My heart keeps radiating too much love that I don’t know what to do with it. I can also feel my Twin Flame’s love radiating towards me that I get more restless and lonely.

Spiritually and energetically, my Twin Flame and I are in perfect harmony and balance. My Soul is content but an aspect of my life is missing.

I wish that I could share all these good things in my life with my Twin Flame. Right now, there is not much meaning attached to anything in my life because I miss half of me.

The Puzzle is almost complete but only one piece of the puzzle is missing — my Twin Flame.

Thanks for asking this question.

Stay Blessed.

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