When twin flames are separated by large physical distances (e.g., different continents), and one twin is running, has anyone seen examples of how the universe could possibly bring them in union?

When I drove him to the airport, I knew that I would see him again. We lived together for almost a month, and he couldn’t extend his stay any further.

His initial plan was to stay for a week; it was his first time on my Continent, and he had very low expectations about his visit but everything changed when we acknowledged each other.

What Simple tips are you using to manage the pain of physical separation from your Twin Flame?

Because my cultural language is alien to him, he tried his best to learn everything about me, my life and who I am. I cooked for him all the time and he loved it!

We both didn’t expect the other to be a special person. He thought that he was meeting his friend’s wife, and I was expecting to meet my husband’s long-time friend.

When he held me to say his goodbyes, he didn’t want to let go. He didn’t want to leave and what sealed his love for me was the look in his eyes. We locked gazes until he disappeared in the distance.

The most difficult part of our Twin Flame relationship is that it was so challenging to express the feelings through long-distance relationships. Texting became complicated, and communication, in general, was frustrating because of the time difference.

Twin Flame feelings are intense and giant that it needs proximity to each other to feel understood when you express your emotions.

What would you do if you meet your Twin Flame when you are already in a relationship?

I felt this strong connection to my Twin Flame but I was also going through finalizing with my Karmic debts. I was emotionally confused, and I felt angry and frustrated because I missed my best friend.

I suddenly blocked our messaging after telling my Twin Flame that I love him.

It’s been two years of back and forth; we clutter brief text messages to each other and the love that I love for him keeps growing and refining itself within me.

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I know that I met my Twin Flame for a reason, and I believe that it is part of a grand divine plan.

My Twin Flame doesn’t know this but I have been preparing my life to see him since the day we separated. I have cleared my Karmic debts, I am free and I feel healthy and happy to see him again.

Twin Flame Union Tips:

How would the Universe show you that you will be back together?

  1. The Connections to your mutual friends for you and your Twin Flame: No matter how estranged your relationship is, you both have this middleman who triggers both of you to briefly talk or see each other. For example in my situation, my ex-husband is the mutual friend between my Twin Flame and me. Very ironic, isn’t it? Lately, when I reflect on my journey, I now see how divine timing has been at play in my life. I understand why things have played out the way they did with my Twin Flame. I now believe that I met my husband for a reason, and all the love lessons that I learned with him were a resource of growth for both of us. The patience and resilience that I put up during the difficult times of my marriage also taught me to stay calm and I eventually found my Twin Flame.
  2. The second way you would know that you would be back together are the memories that you shared and the promises that you made to each other before you separated. Every time I get doubtful about my Twin Flame journey, I think of what we said to each other. I remember the truth in his eyes, which gives me Faith, encouragement, and morale to keep up with my experiences.
  3. The love Connection to your Twin Flame keeps getting better and stronger with your Twin Flame. You feel both your hearts reading unconditional love towards each other. This magnetic pull in both their hearts eventually attracts the two souls back to merge as one.
  4. Divine timing is always at play in the lives of Twin Flames. The way you met unexpectedly, is the way you will reunite when the timing is right.
  1. Peace and Surrender?

Thank you so much for asking this. I hope that my perspective helps you.

Stay Blessed!