Is it true that metaphysical work (tarot, pendulums, crystals, thinking about the twin flame, imagining life with the twin flame, etc) will make the twin flame go even farther away from you? If I surrender & heal will I see him? How can I be patient?

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Separation is in the mind. Surrender is in your Heart space. Healing is in your Soul. Bliss is you!

When you feel separated from yourself: you feel like your mind has taken over your life. You start thinking yourself into everything that you become.

Separation is ego-based from my experience. Your mind can tell you things that frighten you. You feel unexplainable resistance to love. You become doubtful, fearful, restless and anxious which brings down your energetic vibrations.

How do you Surrender?

You must move from your mind space to your heart space – Surrender comes after acceptance & forgiveness. You set yourself free from the ego.

Once you face your ego: I. E inner fears, insecurities, core wounding, and past regressions, you rediscover yourself.

This is a Blessing to meet a Twin Flame because they push you in a Spiritual Awakening to face your ego because you are inspired by the unconditional love that you feel for your Twin Flame.

Once you let go of trying to be in control of your Twin Flame Connection through Surrender, complete healing takes place in your life. Your new perspective on life keeps motivating you to learn your Soul Growth Lessons.

Eventually, you find the Source of the unconditional love that you share with your Twin Flame which in the Oneness of your Soul.

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When you find Oneness – you realize that you didn’t have to stress about being with your Twin Flame because you are bound as One.

Meeting your Twin Flame was not a Coincidence, you were created this way. You can’t learn to be a Twin Flame, you are meant to happen this way.

There is no fuss about your physical relationship because your Soul Intimacy beats all Connections that you ever had.

What do you do when your Twin Flame partner wants to leave their marriage for you but their husband or wife is still in love with them?Twin Flames & Karmic Partners

You realize that everything you knew about yourself before meeting your Twin Flame, all the relationships that you experienced and all the life lessons that you learned before were all bringing you to this Twin Flame encounter.

If it is a true Twin Flame connection outside affirmation is just another kind of “noise” that you don’t need.

My simple advice is for you to Accept your Twin Flame situation, Submit to learn your Soul Growth lessons, Rediscover Yourself and left the power of divine timing to create more Magic in your life.

Silvia Moon

Stay Blessed!

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