Can twin flame reunions be awkward?


If you have been through most of the phases of the Twin Flame Awakening process, you will agree that at some point, the experience ceases to be about your Twin Flame. You realize that it is a battle from within the self.

It takes time to fully capture your Twin Flame experiences and it is until you have gone through each phase that you understand the meaning of the process.

So much time passes as Twin Flames go through a time of self-rediscovery, and change brings about growth after rediscovering Self-Love.

When you meet your Twin Flame again, you will realize how different they are because of their soul growth lessons.

If you are aware of Twin Flames, it will get more awkward because you will start comparing notes if your Twin Flame is aware of it too.

If your Twin Flame is not aware of Twin Flames, the awkwardness moment is when you start educating them about the Twin Flame experiences. (I advise you not to do it!)

Whether your Twin Flame is aware of Twin Flames or not, it will still get awkward for you because you understand the meaning of your relationship and you will try to analyze it if it is an authentic Twin Flame experience yet you already know it.

But, do you know what takes the awkwardness away?


When you meet your Twin Flame, the first words to come out of your mouth should be; “I am sorry.”

I judged my Twin Flame a lot st the beginning of the separation phase. I had so much anger towards him for “ghosting” me, and I could judge him for whatever wasn’t working.

At some point, I thought that I was the Chaser yet I ran from the connection first. I had my issues two years ago.

Also, you will dive into your conversations as if you were catching up from where you left off.

The fact that you think of each other continuously, you won’t feel like you separated at all.

You will both acknowledge the change that happened in your life after the encounter because of your separation and you will understand the core meaning of your relationship.

The above points are the easiest expectations that you will find challenging but there is a much more awkward part.

What are your plans for your life after the reunion?

If the feeling of a possible reunion with your Twin Flame makes you uncomfortable, there are more reasons as to why you feel this way: You are still living from a place of inner fear and insecurity.

If you feel uncomfortable thinking of your reunion, that means that even if you meet your Twin Flame again, you will not have a harmonious relationship because your fear will create resistance within you.

Lessons of True Love

Twin Flame advice:

Don’t obsess about the possibility of a reunion with your Twin Flame, Start to embrace the idea of having a Harmonious physical relationship with your Twin Flame.

Ask yourself some of the following questions:

What will your life look like when you meet again?

What do you want your Forever to look like?

Are you planning of having a family or not?

What kind of person will you be to your Twin Flame?

What do you do when your Twin Flame partner wants to leave their marriage for you but their husband or wife is still in love with them? —Twin Flames & Karmic Partners

When you ask yourself some of these questions, you will realize that you need to prepare yourself to be a better addition to your Twin Flame’s life.

It is not about the obsession of being with your Twin Flame that is important. Rather, it is the reality of being ready to harmoniously be together forever.

  1. How is Twin Flame Surrender going?
  2. Have you Surrendered To Self-Love yet?
  3. Did your Twin Flame runner ever return?

Stay Blessed!

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