How do you handle when you are in full twin flame surrender, and you get triggered back into chasing? I have relapsed from a full surrender a few times. Is this normal?

I think I relapsed over 8 times before I found complete healing and inner harmony. Of recent, I am feeling the runner energy try to build up when I think of a union with my Twin Flame.

I also feel the Runner energy because I can feel my Twin Flame’s chaser energy.

The other truth I realized is that you can relapse in your Surrender is your Twin Flame is struggling with their journey because you are a single energetic unit.

Once you find Surrender, the obsessive need to talk to your Twin Flame finally wears off. You feel free to keep going with your Twin Flame journey without worrying about if your Twin Flame loves you or not.

You are doing great! Keep up with your good work!

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Stay Blessed.

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