What does it mean when your twin flame runner writes a letter but previously asked me to not contact? In the letter, he apologies for his self-centered ways and tells me that he will always love me but believes he will never be good enough for me.

Is this my Twin Flame asking this question?

I ran from the connection and then wrote him a 6-page letter to apologize and I also told him about my Soul lessons.

From my perspective, this is what it means if your Twin Flame Runner behaves this way.

First off, you are so lucky to have closure from your Twin Flame. More

blessings to you!

How did you feel when you met your Twin Flame for the first time?

  1. Your Twin Flame wrote to you because they are Awakening to their Twin Flame situation, and after going through a series of Soul lessons, they realize that they hurt you.
  2. Your Twin Flame could also be trying to have closure with you because they are trying to move on from the stress of the Twin aflame Connection and you the Source of their healing.
  3. Your Twin Flame could have contacted you for emotional support and to check if you still love them as before.
  4. You are also your Twin Flame’s trigger to more healing. Your Twin Flame could have written to you because they are digging deeper into their healing.

What part of the Twin Flame separation phase was easier to manage for you?

So you know by the way, whenever your Runner Twin Flame says to you that they don’t feel good enough for you, don’t let go. It is a sign that they feel insecure to feel the unconditional love that you share.

In my opinion, when you read between the lines, you realize that your Twin Flame is screaming: “I love you but I don’t know how to embrace it”. This is how I felt in my situation.

I was so desperate to feel loved but I felt insecure and fearful to show it. My fear took over my life.

My advice: Twin Flame Tips

Did you finally find Self-Love?

Write back to your Twin Flame in the same manner but put yourself in their shoes.

Imagine if you needed a hug from your Twin Flame. It is the same way your Twin Flame feels – so write your letter as if you are “hugging” them in the Soul. (Only Twin Flames would relate to this idea).

  1. Embrace empathy, forgiveness, and unconditional love when you are writing to your Twin Flame in the letter.

The beautiful thing about Twin Flame Connections is that you break down each other’s emotional walls. The more you open up to each other, the more Soul intimacy you accumulate.

You will never have another Twin Flame and you will never have another life.

Make the most of what you have and keep creating happy moments for yourself.

It is indeed a magical feeling having unconditional love for a Twin Flame.

What would you do if you meet your Twin Flame when you are already in a relationship?

Stay Blessed.

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