I’m sort of in a limbo phase right now and I feel I’m nearing Twin Flame union. For anyone who’s reached union, is this a common phase to go through on the journey?

Omg! This is how I feel too! It feels like purgatory because you don’t feel obsessed with your Twin Flame connection but the intensity of the love that you feel gets stronger each day.

Sometimes I feel restless, helpless with a lingering feeling of sadness every once in a while.

How is your new Twin Flame experience going?

I believe that you feel like you are in limbo because of the transition into your authentic self. You are getting used to embodying your shared unified energy of oneness with your Twin Flame.

It is like trying on new shoes for the first time, sometimes it takes a minute to break into them.

Today has been such q low day for me. I decided to drop everything else and watched TV all day. I tried distracting myself with gardening work but I got bored.

This stage of the Twin Flame journey is profound in every sense of it.

I was so frustrated with my feelings that I broke down to tears and sobbed like a baby.


What is annoying right now is the fact that my Twin Flame sends different kinds of emotions that If I hadn’t gone through healing, I would be having an emotional crisis right now.

I know that a physical union with my Twin Flame is imminent because I feel it in my soul.

Everything in my life looks in place and I feel ready to see him again. I am also free to pursue a relationship with him if the feeling is mutual.

I feel ready for a new life!

Now that I cleaned the emotional junk out of me, my life lately is very simple and I feel in total control of myself.

I feel like I successfully conquered myself.

I have some tips that I have been trying out to help me shift out of the low energetic vibration.

Twin Flame Positive Affirmations:

Surrender: Learning to Let Go

I talk to myself as if I am talking with my Twin Flame. It sounds awkward, at first but it shifts your mood from feeling sad to feeling hopeful.

My favorite affirmations include:

I deserve happiness with my Twin Flame.

We spend so much time as Twin Flames obsessing about the Pain of physical separation that we forget about Happiness.

If you choose from the start of your Twin Flame journey to embrace feelings of a final union, it shifts your perspective to look at your situation in a positive manner. If you separated from your Twin Flame from within, it will be reflected in daily life situations.

There is a Bright Future for us:

HOPE is all you need to feel better every day. Feel grateful for the new you and leave the past behind.

Start looking at your Twin Flame Experience with a fresh perspective because everything has changed by the time to get to this phase.

I Accept my Twin Flame:

Everything gets better from hereon:

What do you do when your Twin Flame partner wants to leave their marriage for you but their husband or wife is still in love with them? —Twin Flames & Karmic Partners

In conclusion:

This is the perfect phase of your Twin Flame process to start focusing on finding your life purpose. Feeling uncomfortable will push you to focus the newfound shared energy of oneness with your Twin Flame towards a meaningful life mission.

The love that I feel from within is so pure and intense that I am still figuring out how to work with it.

Stay BLessed.

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