Will the other twin flame with a high energy feel the mood swings of the twin flame with low energy? Do both twin flames need to be on the same energy level to be able to feel their mood swings?

One early morning a year ago, I was woken up by a sad feeling in my heart. I started weeping because I knew that the emotions were not mine. A few days later, news came in that my Twin Flame had lost a loved one.

Also for me when I was going through the Dark Night of The Soul — I was feeling sad and lonely. I was crying all over the place, and I felt my Twin Flame’s energetic embrace give me comfort.

10 minutes later, he texted to find out if everything was going okay.

Yes of course. The emotional highs and lows affect both Twin Flames and it takes a series of Soul Growth lessons to understand how your shared energy with your Twin Flame partner works.

The bliss is very euphoric when you find the harmonic vibration of your Twin Flame.

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Stay Blessed!

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