Did you speak with your TF on November 11th?

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No. I didn’t realize that it was November Eleven until my clock showed me.

It so funny how it happened: I was weeping because I was missing him and I felt him miss me back. Awakening

Suddenly my heart became heavy and I started to cry. I was having a peaceful meditation routine when this happened.

His birthday digits all alerted me so that is when I realized that the universe is trying to say something to me.

I had been struggling with keeping myself in alignment with the energy of Union but on November 11, I felt like everything was aligned.

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I kept saying to myself:

I deserve my Happiness.

I deserve my Future.

The Future is better and bigger than today.

I deserve my success.

I deserve my Abundance.

I am happy.

I Accept my Twin Flame.

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I also learned that a Narcissistic friend made an EXIT out of my life. That makes two in 3 months.

I feel amazing the more I let a Narcissist leave my life. I am the kind that attracts them in all areas of my life and my Twin Flame experiences have empowered me to transform my life for the best.

I have simplified my life and I am very Thankful.

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Surrender | Self-Love | Runner | Separation | Awakening | Karmic Partners

Thanks for asking this.

Stay Blessed!

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