I took a short healing separation from my Twin Flame and we agreed to reunite tomorrow. Is it normal that I just don’t feel comfortable, like something is missing?

Thank you for being honest with yourself. Healing sometimes is slow and uncomfortable but it’s alright to feel like you are not ready.

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I ran from my Twin Flame for two years, and a couple of months back, I was in his hometown but I felt like I wasn’t ready to see him so I didn’t make contact.

I know how you feel.

From a runner perspective, don’t go into this reunion if you are not ready because if you are not properly healed, seeing your Twin Flame might trigger you into more running which will hurt your Twin Flame and you will feel so bad.

Separation | Awakening

Talk to your Twin Flame and figure out how to keep your relationship going — ask your Twin Flame for more time to heal if need be.

I am so jealous of you right now because I would do anything to have communication with my Twin Flame.

Good luck with everything!

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