Is it a guarantee that we will unite? I’m sorry for doubting, I just can’t possibly imagine that such bliss can happen to me. Can it?

I just recently shifted myself out of these feelings of doubt and helplessness for a Union with my Twin Flame. I realized that there is obvious resistance to feeling blissful because it is an overwhelming feeling at first thinking of eternal bliss.

What are the new Bliss feelings of Twin Flame Union?

You deserve your union and unconditional love that you share with your Twin Flame.

Yesterday – (11:11)is when I had a breakthrough. I completely felt in total harmony and bliss. I cleaned my house and did everything I loved.

Surrender is also helpful – How to learn to let go of controlling your Twin Flame relationship.

You too can shift yourself out the doubtful feelings and I use simple Positive Affirmations for Daily Positive Energy Vibrations.

Here are the simple affirmations that you can also try:

Notes to Self: Daily Positive Energy Vibrations

I deserve my Happiness.

I deserve my Future.

The Future is better and bigger than today.

I deserve my success.

I deserve my Abundance.

I am happy.

I Accept my Twin Flame.

Were you in a Karmic relationship when you met a Twin Flame?

Stay Blessed.

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