Every time plans are made to meet twin flame something comes up? Could this be a sign they are a false twin or a sign that the runner twin is unawakened?

It’s a dis alignment — it is a sign that fear is controlling the Twin Flame who triggers the “no contact”.

Remember is there is some form of divine timing at play with Twin Flames.

Surrender | Self-Love

With a Twin Flame Connection, it doesn’t matter if your Twin Flame is awakened or not because you believe how you feel, you know for sure from within that you will see each other again no matter who or what is in the way.

Also, you do not doubt that they are your Twin Flame because you feel the energetic vibration that you share.

I was unaware of one. It took me a while to understand what the Twin Flame Connection is all about yet I have never discussed the topic with him. I found out about everything on my own.

Focus on what is working for your relationship and keep improving what is not working.

Runner | Separation | Awakening

Stay Blessed.

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