I will love a guy for his personality. How do I know I’m in love with him?

Surrender | Self-Love | Runner | Separation | Awakening | Surrender | Self-Love | Runner | Separation | Awakening—————————————————

Love is RAW, Painful, beautiful, refreshing and Cosmic.

If you haven’t fallen in love yet, take your time.

I have had my heart twisted is many ways because of love. I don’t believe that I can love another after this one. I feel exhausted.

Loving someone is the most heavenly feeling ever!

It feels as if everything was planned for us – we are PERFECT together.

It is also true that you must be the kind of person that you want to fall in love with. You can’t have expectations of others to be perfect when you are not.

You can’t appreciate love if you don’t know what it is. LOVE YOURSELF first.

When it comes to loving someone, their personality is the icing on the cake.

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Stay Blessed.

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