How do you ‘let go’ of your twin flame during the separation phase when both of you still want to talk but the runner Doesn’t want to be in a relationship due to the separation?

Separation anxiety phase is something that I also went through and I dreaded every part of it.

This is my Twin Flame Runner experience.

It is not your Twin Flame that you need to let go of but rather, you have to learn to be strong and happy on your own whether you are physically together or not.

I was also the runner in my relationship because I could not deal with a long-distance Twin Flame relationship. It became too intense for me to express my feelings through phone calls and texting because we live on separate continents.

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As long as you have an end goal to your relationship, it will give you hope to keep looking forward to your next reunion.

It took me a while to understand that the end of my suffering was to have hope and a Goal — What is it that you want to achieve once the separation is over with your Twin Flame?

Surrendering to your Twin Flame connection brings peace and harmony.

How do you keep enjoying your life when you desperately want to be with your Twin Flame?

Having a goal will keep you faithful to your Twin Flame experience no matter how doubtful you will get about your Twin Flame because it happens a lot with Twin Flames which intensifies the running and chasing phases.

Talk things through with your Twin Flame to explain how you feel and to also have a Goal for your relationship. I think that the most difficult thing with Twin Flames is not knowing what the other is thinking.

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Also if you set goals for your connection, you will both work together to move whatever obstacle is in the way of your relationship.

My Twin Flame promised to come back to me when he is ready and I am waiting for him no matter how difficult the situation has been over these two years. I have worked hard on myself to feel happy own my own — I still believe that he will be back to me no matter how long it takes because we are meant to be.

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Stay Blessed.

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