My twin flame seems to love watching me from afar, but hates when our eyes meet and I’m near. Why is that?

WHY DO TWIN FLAMES SEPARATE?: Twin Flame Romance & Dating

When I am hurting, I break eye contact and I don’t look allow him to look in my eyes until I feel better. This is when he knows that I am sad because I try not to look in his eyes.

To my Twin Flame, eye contact is everything!

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One day, I traveled with him for over 8 hours without taking off my sunglasses but he was so desperate to see me. I was sitting beside him the whole trip but I did it because I was going through my issues abs I had cried before the journey.

Spiritual awakening symptoms started right after the first time I locked eyes with him. It was intense!

Anyway, when we got to our destination, it was getting dark so I took off my sunglasses and my Twin Flame exclaimed; ”There you are!”

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My Twin Flame loves our eye contact and I know he misses me for that. It is Magical when our eyes meet. I always feel like I am about to catch fire. Lol.

I remember his eyes. He never broke eye contact until he disappeared.

When we separated, the first thing he sent was an emoji of eyes.

I miss him every day.

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