When an unawakened twin flame runs because he’s scared of the connection, will he grow in any way, or will he remain just the same because he denies and blocks the connection?

The lessons are rooted in the actions of the Twin Flame runner and the consequences of their reaction to the connection.

It usually feels as if the runner is having a break from the connection when they run but that’s not the case. Matter of fact, usually the runners live a more lonely Twin Flame journey because of denial and resistance to the connection.

Surrender | Self-Love | Runner | Separation | Awakening | Surrender | Self-Love | Runner | Separation | Awakening

One thing you have to know is that if you are a genuine Twin Flame, the signs of Awakening to Twin Flame love usually show before you have a glance at your Twin Flame.

For me, I am only beginning to understand after healing that I have always been a Twin Flame but it took meeting my other half to acknowledge and accept it.

Meeting my Twin Flame improved and upgraded my Spiritual awareness of the connection.

Separation Phase – These simple tips helped me to recover from the shock.|

Don’t you feel like meeting your Twin Flame was meant to be?

Once you separate from a Twin Flame, all you do is remember them whether you are running from the connection.

After running from my Twin Flame for about a year, I wrote to him a letter explaining how I felt during the time of separation.

SIGNS OF MEETING A TWIN FLAME: Soul Intimacy – Spiritual Romance

I explained to him that I was shocked that running from him brought up so much fear and pain that I crashed into The Dark Night of The Soul. He also mentioned to a mutual friend that he had been going through a stressful time after we separated.


I have grown and changed myself and the way of life that I am free and ready to see him again.

He promised to get back to me and I trust him.

Have you Surrendered To Self-Love yet?———————————————————————————————————

WHY DO TWIN FLAMES SEPARATE?: Twin Flame Romance & Dating

Did you meet your Twin Flame when you were with a karmic partner? What was your experience like? — I went through so much change to free myself.

This is my Karmic Story

Stay Blessed.

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