How and what is the surrender stage in the Twin Flame journey, and when do I know it is time to surrender (let go my Twin Flame)?

Surrender is a very gradual process that just happens on its own and at its pace. It is still happening because the journey continues. It is a continuous flow throughout the Twin Soul process that also happens gradually in layers and more I became good at it, the better life seemed to become.

It is indeed very frustrating when you physically separate from your Twin Flame for the first time. Here are some tips to help recover from the shock and heal the pain

Surrender happens every moment of the day because this is where all healing starts and it matters to stay in that state of complete acceptance at every step of your Twin Soul Journey.

I was so exhausted from chasing him and running from myself that I came to a point where I wanted peace and freedom. I wanted to find myself again and bring meaning into my life and it did not seem to happen when I was in pain, therefore, I found Surrender.

The first step of surrender was acceptance. I accepted that I was tired of chasing, I accepted that I had to work on myself and find purpose in my life without physically being attached to my twin and most importantly, I accepted that I am a Twin Soul. Accepting that I am a Twin Flame means that I accepted that I was attached to another energetically, emotionally and mentally. I am Living life for two; who I am affected who he is and vice versa. This acknowledgment brought me to two other steps of growth.

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One, it all begins with me. I had to stop feeling sorry for myself all the time and I realized that all my power begins from the core of my being and it is essential every day to guard it, nurture it and focus my energy on daily routines and thinking patterns that bring me healing and happiness instead of using it to obsess about my Twin.

I acknowledged that I was being selfish in the connection by constantly needing him. Wanting him to fix me and my problems. This made me understand my place in the connection and the responsibility I had to help my other half. This new perspective helped to accept that I was being a control freak and not giving my Twin their space in the connection. I was suffocating us energetically.

What Simple tips are you using to manage the pain of physical separation from your Twin Flame?

Once I Surrendered, my healing started. The fact that we are one soul, that means that my Twin is me. This remembrance activated my natural empathy that we both share for each other and I naturally started feeling my Twin when I meditated and my emotions felt less chaotic like before. The more I could connect with him, the better I felt about myself and our connection. I understood that it took the two of us to maintain a happy connection and he was relying on me to be responsible for myself. Either way, we are always connected; heart to heart, soul to soul.

This realization brought me to work on my pains and inner demons to clear the space for us to purely connect. I started practicing pure self-love daily staying conscious and active in my own life. I started practicing mindfulness and honoring the now as part of my life commitment.

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The more I worked on myself, the more all the pain was cleansed from me. I became free to love and be myself at all times. I became more passionate about Life and instead of obsessing my Twin, I started feeling him everywhere. I could feel his thoughts, and he was with me all the time; in me, with me, besides me everywhere! We started to merge as one and I could feel him take over the left side of my body energetically.

I then realized that I was half of one soul for eternity. Two, acceptance of our oneness brought me to a place of rest. For example, I started to actively think of positive thoughts and practiced staying in the now instead of freaking my self with negative thoughts and emotions that brought me constant worry and anxiety.

I also harnessed both our Power and I became stronger to live my daily life. I started to learn to use our connection to help me go about my daily activities. I kept practicing positivity and focused on making each day better than yesterday. I worked on my body and maintained a healthy diet to be physically fit to hold our Merging Energy in myself.

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The period of our energy merge, it took a toll on my physical body and I shed weight. I could feel a combination of both our energies at the same time. I started manifesting abundance in my life, my work, and creativity. The more soul freedom I felt, the more I focused my thinking on positive results in everything that I did.

Money and success just naturally started flowing into my life and slowly I have managed to be back balance, peace, and harmony into my life. Surrender also allowed me to learn about both our energies.

Stay Blessed!

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