What happens to a twin flame who’s awakened while they’re in a relationship with someone else?

I wanted to just drop my marriage and follow my Twin Flame wherever he is in the world. I was sad that I felt alive being around someone outside my marriage and the guilt ate me up for not feeling the same with my then-husband. I was experiencing emotional confusion.

I was experiencing so much pain after I physically separated from my Twin Flame — I felt like I was losing control of my life.

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I started to chase my Twin Flame after we physically separated but deep down I knew that I had to work on myself and my outside circumstances.

I had tried to leave my marriage several times before I met my Twin Flame but I kept coming back to it because of my insecurities and fear of being alone. I did not know the meaning of Self-love.

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The more my twin shut me out, I ran out of clever ways to chase him and none of my friends could understand my situation.

From the Twin Flame Runner perspective — I ran first from our connection to find the courage to leave my marriage, and I separated my personal life from my husband even if we still work together. I started picking up the broken pieces in my life bit by bit until I found my Authentic Self on my own.

I had not spoken to my Twin Flame in over two years but I still love him like the first time I met him.

Surrender to your Twin Flame Experience for complete healing and harmony. I am completely a new Human being happy in my self.

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What would you do if you meet your Twin Flame when you are already in a relationship?

I hope this helps – Stay Blessed!

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