How do you know when your Twin Flame connection has ended/reunited?

It is indeed very frustrating when you physically separate from your Twin Flame for the first time. Here are some tips to help recover from the shock and heal the pain

When we had our first “don’t talk to me phase” two years ago, we both had so much pain and confusion as to the emotional chaos that we had triggered within each other.

We met for three weeks and we were both looking for each other but we didn’t know it. It’s weird how we knew of each other through mutual friends but we never met until that moment when we least expected it.

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We separated because the fun had to be over. We had to back to life as we knew it before we met. We live on separate continents.

I couldn’t recognize my life anymore after my Twin Flame left it. I had no idea about Twin Flames but I was going through intense emotional chaos. I also felt an intense vulnerability because my Twin Flame broke down my walls.

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I have stayed faithful and committed to this Twin Flame process not only because I have unconditional love for him but also because I can’t hide — I tried running away but it only made me feel worse.

You always know that you will see your Twin Flame again no matter comes in your way. You feel the truth within you that your initial encounter is the beginning of your journey together.

When you are about to reunite with a Twin Flame, you feel no fear but vulnerability. You feel your heart radiating love towards your Twin Flame as if you are two magnets pulling at each other.

I have been stuck in a limbo phase after healing because I didn’t know how to move forward to reunite with my Twin Flame after healing.

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But I initiated contact to say I still adore him after two years of not seeing each other. I told him that I am free to be with him and that I trust him.

Taking this action freed my Soul because I know that at least he knows how I feel.

He showed a response through a mutual friend — I want this separation to be over so that I can move on with my life.

TWIN FLAME SURRENDER: How To Free Your Soul from the pain.

Stay Blessed.

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