Am I the twin flame runner? I love my twin flame, but a relationship with him scares me

I have learned that it is okay to feel this way. I have been a runner before as well so I understand your situation.

Even when you have the opportunity to see your Twin Flame, you will run away if you don’t feel healed.

It takes time for you to feel comfortable to embrace thoughts of union with a Twin Flame because it is very overwhelming due to the intensity of the feelings of love that you feel.

The uneasiness that you feel is because there are parts of yourself that need healing so that you feel secure enough to be in the presence of your Twin Flame.

Separation from a Twin Flame breaks your spirit because you feel as if you are broken into half. It feels as if you are missing part of yourself. Here are some tips to manage the pain of separation.

We have been separated for two years now because we live of different continents and I feel healed lately that I energetically vibrate from a place of bliss and inner peace.

Last night, he made his first attempt to physically reconnect and I can also tell how uncomfortable it is for him to navigate this reunion situation.

You must desire to be in a harmonious union with your Twin Flame — you must have it as part of your goals. You must align your physical reality with your inner healing.

All Twin Flames must know that if it a harmonious reunion that you desire, you must embrace the feelings of a union because it is utterly overwhelming to think of reuniting after a long period of separation.

Set goals for your reunion — If is a permanent physical union that you are looking for, work towards it and let it be your daily motivation to work on yourself.

Karmic Partners — No matter how weird it has been to keep sending the messages to him even if he doesn’t say anything back, I love the fact that he knows that I still care. I love him because I never forgot how much he loves me.|

Talk to your Twin Flame — It eases the tension when you tell your Twin Flame the truth of your heart because no one else will understand you better than your Twin Flame.

Just know, the overwhelming feelings of being with a Twin Flame are mutual — it gets easier with time.

Sending you blessings and love.

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Stay Blessed.

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