Does anyone regret telling their twin flame their true feelings?

With the Twin Flame journey, you would rather know than stay in doubt. It is easier that way because you have to focus on your spiritual awakening.

I regret that I caused the no-contact phase but I don’t regret telling him my true feelings because it was burdensome concealing my feelings. Once I let it all out, I felt relieved and free to keep living my life.

Unlike my previous love experiences before, I was compelled to tell my Twin Flame how I feel — I knew that he needed to know.

Every Twin Flame Awakening is special. It is tailored to the divine couple and the connection is SACRED. Are you new?

I have also let those who love me go before and I didn’t want to make the same mistake with my Twin Flame.

Recently, I told him that I am free and ready to be with him.

It gets uncomfortable feeling vulnerable when you tell your Twin Flame the truth but it is worth it!

When you Surrender, you know that the ball is in your Twin Flame’s court.

Stay Blessed.

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