Have you and your twin flame ever kissed?

Wooh! This question gives me tingles!

When you meet your Twin Flame, you are like to magnets pulling at each other. The more others block you, the more intense the attraction becomes.

I was married when we met and we both tried to disrespect my husband but it was difficult keeping us apart no matter how much people tried. We ended up always back to each other — My now ex-husband noticed the special connection that I had with my Twin Flame and he would try to block us.

But, one night, I hadn’t seen him in over 30 hours because he spent the night with his tinder date.

Separation is excruciating between Twin Flames. You always want to be together because your souls keep pulling at each other. This is called Soul Intimacy.

That night when he got back to me, I said to him; “Thanks for coming back.” The air was thick and it was intense looking in each other’s eyes.

He gestured with his hands as he invited me for a hug. He said; “Come here!”

We held each other and I lost track of time. It felt more than comfortable – and peace washed over me.

As I let loose from the hug, I kissed him on the cheek and things got more intense. He wanted to kiss me back but he desperately let go and ran down the stairs. haha.

I know that once we meet again, we shall start from where we left off. It is going to be intense.

You should have seen us say goodbye to each other.

We didn’t break eye contact and when we hugged goodbye, we almost kissed. Haha, we repeated that incident that night but this time he was exposed — he leaned in fo the lips and I leaned in as well. But, he let go and disappeared into the airport without breaking eye contact.

I know that he also remembers that last hug at the airport because I think of the moment every day. I remember that warmth of his hug and the softness of his kisses on my cheek.

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Truth is that once we see each other again, there is a chance that we are going to tear each other part because the passion has become more intense during physical separation and I am free and single.

I know that we are going to start from where we stopped.

I can’t wait!

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Stay Blessed.

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