Should you spend all of your life waiting for your Twin Flame to come back? When should you give up (not surrender)?

If you need simple tips on how to manage the pain of separation from your Twin Flame, try this.

Well, it is up to you to choose — there is always a time when separation from a Twin Flame comes to an end but you must prepare yourself to be ready by working on yourself so that you don’t go into another separation cycle.

The simplest way to embrace the Twin Flame journey is by accepting change. Change is the only constant during the Twin Flame process.

You must also accept your responsibility because no one will save you but yourself if you choose to accept every aspect of your Twin Flame journey.

Nothing comes easy.

If you are going through a genuine romantic Twin Flame experience, you know right away the first time you meet that your life is meant to merge because your soul always calls for a merging. This is why you are always thinking of each other and you feel as if you live inside each other.

Awakening to the Twin Flame connection is SACRED to the divine pair.

No matter how far Twin Flames are physically separated from each other, the attraction gets more intense as you learn to embrace your soul lesson. The more you learn about how your experience works, the better you learn to adjust to change during your journey.

You can feel your soul pushing you to always connect with your Twin Flame during physical separation and this is why it gets challenging to surrender as a chaser. You always feel the need to reach out to them every time you think of them and you are always thinking of your Twin Flame.

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You must know that it is important to align your soul’s desires with the practical world. Nothing will happen if you run from a Twin Flame because it is overwhelming when you reconnect after a separation phase.

Also, if you desire a harmonious union with your Twin Flame, don’t stress so much about it because divine timing is always at play in the lives of Twin Flames.

If you trust your connection, your Twin Flame is always with you and you can feel it no matter how far you are separated from each other. This is why I believe that a Twin Flame separation is an illusion.


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Every time you get the opportunity to mend your relationship, do it. Send love to your Twin Flame and keep love in your heart always.

If you invest positive good feelings of love in your process, the easier it gets to have chances of a quicker reunion.

You must believe that things will eventually work out for you and your Twin Flame if that is what you desire.

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You must aspire to a harmonious union every day — practice what you desire. Manifest harmony in your life as you wait for your Twin Flame to come back.

Love yourself above everything else!

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I wish you blessings and love.

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