Is it possible to feel my twin flame’s spiritual sexual energy out of nowhere in separation? All those memories of us making love have been coming to me by themselves in the form of energy. Is it possible that she is thinking or feeling me sexually?

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I’m hoping this is my divine masculine asking this question because oh lord, I have been having these feelings and emotions flow into me as if he is here. I feel the intensity and spiritual ecstasy involved.

I get energy coiling around my navel and giving me butterflies. The bliss that comes with it is so euphoric that sometimes I lose a sense of time.

I enjoy this play that I immediately send back more intensified feelings of passion coupled with warm empathy and love. I enjoy this a lot!

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Because of this kind of energy, I have not managed to feel attracted to another man apart from my twin. I’m numb to other men or any desire to be sexually active. It’s almost a year since I was last touched.

Good news for me is that once these feelings started coming to me and me Surrendered, my Twin started feeling closer in energy and we are in Union Already!

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Stay Blessed.

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