I’m married but I believe I found my twin flame. My husband only meets my financial needs. My twin flame meets my mental/emotional and spiritual needs. How do I resolve this?

Welcome to the club!

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No matter how difficult this sounds, one thing is going to happen to your life — Change.

You are going to change every aspect of your life because a Twin Flame love transforms you inside out.

I was married two years ago when I met my Twin Flame but I had to go through so much change.

It is indeed very frustrating when you physically separate from your Twin Flame for the first time. Here are some tips to help recover from the shock and heal the pain

Here is what I did with my situation:

  • I kept my Twin Flame out of my marital affairs. When you meet your Twin Flame, you know that they are yours forever. You are confident that life you eventually turn out perfectly for you.
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  • One mistake I did is that I blocked him out of my life and he was hurt. I regret doing that because it ruined our friendship.
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  • Choose your happiness but each choice will cost you. If you choose to dissolve your marriage and separate from your husband, it is going to cost you your family ties, your old friends and your family situation. If you choose to stay with your husband, you will experience spiritual aspects of the Twin Flame process. You will also feel sad, lonely and empty because you always miss your Twin Flame and you think of them all the time!
Physical Separation was tough but this is how I managed to go through it.
  • Talk to your Twin Flame so that you can have a temporary separation as you figure out your choices and decisions. It is healthy to choose to be apart.
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The Twin Flame Experience uncovered so much stress in my life that I was dealing with the challenges of dissolving a marriage plus the spiritual awakening symptoms.

You are going to experience a change in your life. Your financial situation will change as well and you will learn independence.

Stay Blessed.

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