Why is it that I’ve thought I knew what love felt like but now I’m not sure since I met my twin flame?

It is because no love is deeper and unconditional as Twin Flame love. When you meet your Twin Flame, you learn all the virtues of love as below:

Are you to the Twin Flame experience? Here is a starter guide for your inspirations
  • Love Is Patient.
The Twin Flame Book of Positive Affirmations: Soul Growth Inspirations – For your everyday motivation.

Ever wonder how you have learned to be patient with everyone else in your life after meeting a Twin Flame? Meeting your Twin Flame teaches you to be patient with yourself and others.

  • Love Is Kind.

When I met my Twin Flame, he brought out the most fragile side of me. All our friends noticed that I was much kinder and more vulnerable. This is because I feel safe to be vulnerable when I am around my Twin Flame. All the shells fall off.

  • Love Does Not Envy.
Stages of Twin Flame Love: Personal Experiences From a True Twin Flame – What are the expectations of being on a Twin Flame journey?

If you have been in a situation where your Twin Flame has a Karmic Partner, it is very frustrating and stressful because you want to be with your Twin Flame but you don’t have envy. Instead, you feel sorry for your Twin Flame’s karmic partner because you know that they will never have the Sacred bond that you share.

More so, you never feel as if you envy your Twin Flame because you know that you would give up your life for theirs. You completely accept your Twin Flame no matter how imperfect they seem to everyone else.

Unconditional love beats envy.

  • Love Does Not Boast.

When you meet your Twin Flame, you both break down the facade life that you were living previously. You completely open up to each other without the fear of being judged.

My Twin Flame used to live a facade lifestyle where he had to always seem perfectly put together.

There comes a time when the Twin Flame chaser surrenders to the connection after experiencing the stress and exhaustion of chasing the divine counterpart. What are some of the tips to help you with Surrender?

He had a trophy girlfriend, worked with individuals of high status in his country. He lived a lavish materialistic lifestyle, and he had an ego. He thought that power and money are everything.

When he was with me, he let me into the truth of who he is. He told me about his childhood, and how he was raised. He opened up about his insecurities and I was shocked to hear that he was unhappy at work. He was tired of keeping up appearances. He told me about the things that he wanted to do, and the changes he wished to make in the future.

  • Love Is Not Proud.

Twin Flame love is no characterized by a sense of self-importance or arrogance.

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Your Twin Flame will never act with over self-confidence especially after the encounter.

Everything in your life changes for the best when you meet your Twin Flame because you become enlightened.

You learn to shed your ego when you meet your Twin Flame.

  • Love Is Not Rude.

When you meet a Twin Flame, you care about everything they like, care about, their dislikes, passions, and aspirations.

Twin Flame respects the concerns of your Twin Flame even when they are different from yours.

This is why you will never act dishonorably or disgrace your Twin Flame. You respect your Twin Flame because you feel the same as they do.

  • Love Is Not Self-Seeking.
Twin Flame Chaser Pain: Why do Twin Flames Run? It is very painful trying to keep up with a Twin Flame runner.

The Twin Flame does not insist on you always get your way but instead, it puts the good of others above your own.

This is why you need to have an understanding when it comes to understanding the traits of a runner Twin Flame. Sometimes when Twin Flames separate, it is easy to misunderstand each other’s intentions.

Have empathy for your Twin Flame.

  • Love Is Not Easily Angered.
Stages of Twin Flame Love: Personal Experiences From a True Twin Flame – What are the expectations of being on a Twin Flame journey?

Like the characteristic of patience, Twin Flame love does not rush toward anger when your partner does you wrong. You don’t hold a selfish concern over your Twin Flame because you feel unconditional love for them.

No matter how many squabbles you have with your Twin Flame, it doesn’t alter the authenticity of the love they have for you.

  • Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs.

The Twin Flame love offers forgiveness, even when offenses are repeated many times. It is a love that doesn’t keep track of every wrong thing that people do and hold it against them.

When you encounter a Twin Flame, you learn lessons of forgiveness for yourself and others.

Learning to forgive easily frees your Soul.

  • Love Does Not Delight in Evil But Rejoices With the Truth.
The Twin Flame Book of Positive Affirmations: Soul Growth Inspirations – For your everyday motivation.

No matter how many people around you think that you are just obsessed with your Twin Flame, you know the truth within you.

This is why you haven’t been able to move on because you feel the truth of your connection within you grow stronger and deeper.

  • Love Always Protects.
TWIN FLAME “RUNNER” EXPERIENCE: Always Connected in Soul – What happens when a Twin Flame runner initially runs from the connection?

Don’t you always feel safe in the company of your Twin Flame? This kind of love will always expose the sin of others in a safe way that won’t bring harm, shame, or damage, but will restore and protect.

This is why you can confess to your Twin Flame your deepest sins and desires.

You feel safe to be yourself.

  • Love Always Trusts.
Twin Flames & Karmic Partners: Lessons of True Love – What would you do if you meet your Twin Flame when you are already in a relationship?
TWIN FLAME SURRENDER: How To Free Your Soul from the pain

Twin Flame love gives others the benefit of the doubt, sees the best in others, and trusts in their good intentions.

For me, I would have moved on from this connection with my Twin Flame but I trust him when he said that he would be back to me. I also trust how I feel for him and I remember the truth in his eyes.

I trust my Twin Flame.

  • Love Always Hopes.
Twin Flame Chaser Pain – How to Recover from Separation – How do you keep enjoying your life when you desperately want to be with your Twin Flame?

No matter how challenging your Twin Flame situation gets, you are always hoping for the best both for your Twin Flame and your connection.

Every time I get to send my Twin Flame a message, we are always encouraging each other to grow and become better.

If you a Twin Flame in separation, you need to keep hoping that things will eventually work out with your Twin Flame.

When we physically separated, he thanked me for being a teacher.

  • Love Always Perseveres.

Twin Flame love endures the most difficult of trials. It is stressful seeing your Twin Flame in a relationship with someone else, and it is infuriating being separated physically.

But, Twin Flame love stands strong and no matter how difficult the situation gets, it only grows the bond deeper than before.

  • Love Never Fails.
It is indeed very frustrating when you physically separate from your Twin Flame for the first time. Here are some tips to help recover from the shock and heal the pain

This kind of love goes beyond the boundaries of ordinary love. It is eternal, divine, and will never cease. can

When you meet your Twin Flame, you have an imminent feeling that you will end up back together with them no matter what gets in the way.

You also feel as if you are catching up from where you left off in the past even though it is your first meeting.

There is no beginning or end to the Twin Flame love.

What do you do when your Twin Flame partner wants to leave their marriage for you but their husband or wife is still in love with them?

Stay Blessed.

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