Does your twin flame partner know how you feel for them?

Isn’t it challenging to tell your Twin Flame how you feel?

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From my experience, I feel as if my emotions are all over the place every time I try to make contact with my Twin Flame.

It is so overwhelming trying to express your true feelings, and this is why it is easier to run from the connection altogether — There is never a right time to do it and it has to be done!

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But, the good news is that once you blurt out your feelings to your Twin Flame, you feel better because you feel free knowing that your Twin Flame understands how you feel.

I have done it twice:

  • The first time was when I was overwhelmed by my feelings. I told him that I want him — I was messy emotionally when I did this. I said so many things all at once, and then ran from him.
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  • The second time was recently almost a month ago. I was so tired of waiting for him to get in touch. I was feeling happy, healed and ready to get on with the next chapter of my life so I initiated contact. Also, since I ran from the connection first, I owed it to my Twin Flame to clear the air. I told him that I still adore him, and I haven’t been with anybody else since I found him two years ago.
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Telling my Twin Flame my true feelings has changed our energetic dynamic. I feel as if we are back in the bubble love phase when we were both vibrating at the same energetic wavelength.

We haven’t seen each other in two years, and I know that my future is about to knock on the door. He made contact through a mutual friend right after I told him about my current status.

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If you want your relationship to progress with your Twin Flame, you must take the necessary actions needed to get there.

Nothing comes easy, and Twin Flame’s feelings are gigantic that there are no right words to express them but you must try.

You must be on the same page with your Twin Flame to take away the doubt of a possible reunion.

Be Brave!

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