I know my twin flame is seeing someone else and concealing from me. How do I relieve myself of the extreme pain this causes me?

My Twin Flame is free to date whoever he fancies.

The Twin Flame Connection is not just about the physical aspects of it. If your Twin Flame is not ready for you, there could be different reasons why.

What do you do when your Twin Flame partner wants to leave their marriage for you but their husband or wife is still in love with them?

Before I go any further, I have some questions for you:

  1. Had you both confirmed it to yourselves that you have a Sacred Connection?
  2. Does your Twin Flame acknowledge the connection even though you are in physical separation?
  3. Had you developed a physical relationship together with him to hurt you by dating someone else?
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I embraced this Twin Flame journey but I know that there is so much out of my control.

And, my Twin Flame and I acknowledge our bond but I would never think that he is entitled to date me.

I can also choose to date other people but I don’t.

Twin Flames & Karmic Partners: Lessons of True Love – What would you do if you meet your Twin Flame when you are already in a relationship?

Our Twin Flames go through a series of love lessons when they run into other relationships.

My advice:

You are amazing to feel the Twin Flame Connection. You are one of the lucky few so don’t waste all that magic on low energy vibes.

What would you do if you meet your Twin Flame when you are already in a relationship?

Channel the love for your Twin Flame into something meaningful to you starting with yourself.

I know that over the two years, my Twin Flame has been dating others — I am not on his social media.

It is indeed very frustrating when you physically separate from your Twin Flame for the first time. Here are some tips to help recover from the shock and heal the pain

Stop listening to those who could be feeding you information about your Twin Flame. Nobody understands how you feel but your Twin Flame. Cut off all the people contesting your energy.

Are you to the Twin Flame experience? Here is a starter guide for your inspirations

Get of your Twin Flame’s social media. Completely disconnect so that you have a fresh perspective of your connection.

All the above tips are difficult to do at first but as you practice Surrender, you will realize it wasn’t that challenging at all.

Sending you blessings and hugs.

TWIN FLAME “RUNNER” EXPERIENCE: Always Connected in Soul – What happens when a Twin Flame runner initially runs from the connection?


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