If twin flames are never apart in 5D, then I shouldn’t reach out to my TF in person, right?

What Simple tips are you using to manage the pain of physical separation from your Twin Flame?

Well, I say do whatever makes you happy according to your life situation. I didn’t know what to do after I healed myself after the surrender phase. I felt ready to be with my Twin Flame but he was nowhere to be seen.

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I realized that I had to make the effort to reach out if I wanted to reunite physically.

I had to make sure that I wasn’t deluding myself sitting around waiting for my Twin Flame to return if they were not gonna. For me when I started on this journey, I had no idea what Twin Flames ware and I found it very challenging to understand the spiritual aspects of the Twin Flame experience and I don’t think I know half of it after two years.

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I was so overwhelmed when I came across a post that discussed “5D” experiences, sometimes I felt left out because I didn’t understand these spiritual terms.

Another difficult term that was complicated for me was “telepathy”. It is until I experienced it that I understood the essence of it.

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Now, back to your question:

How happy are you with the quality of your 5D communication?

Are you sure that your Twin Flame gets you as much as you want them to?

Do you feel understood through your telepathic communication?

It all comes down to the fact that you want to feel CONNECTED AND UNDERSTOOD by your Twin Flame.

Most of all, you would want to see progress with your Twin Flame journey towards a harmonious physical union. This is why Twin Flames submit to grow with the change in their lives because you hope to reunite with your Twin Flame soon.

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From my experience, I have had affirmations from the 5D communication that I am connected to my Twin Flame but I also, know that the “spiritual” aspect of the Twin Flame connection must be accompanied by what you do in 3D because we live in a physical world.

Therefore, in my opinion, if you feel compelled to talk to your Twin Flame and you know that nothing is stopping you, get in touch.

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What I mean is that align your feelings, thoughts, and emotions with your physical reality.

You can only know and affirm the reality of your relationship in the physical world by reaching out.

Reality happens in the physical.

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Stay Blessed.

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