What is your love letter to your TF?

This is the most perfect time to write to you. I promised that I would send you a letter a few weeks ago but the time has not been perfect. So here is my letter.


Do you feel our bliss? I can’t focus on anything today because you are pulling me into this connection and I can barely function.

I feel overpowered by our love that I am almost love-sick: In a very wonderful way.

I see your eyes babe. I see you.

I have been thinking of the first time we locked our gazes from across the table. Everything felt perfect as if all the stars had aligned.

I feel that way today!

My heart is swelling with love, it is as if you are walking through the door at any moment.

I sent you our secret code message to let you know that I am ready, and thank you so much for my response.

Where can I place this love that I have for you right now?

What should I do to relieve the pressure?

I am thinking of you more than ever.

You are present with me every second as if you never left.

I dream of you more than before, and I feel your love for me purely.

Is this what heaven on earth feels like?

Thank you for my happiness. I hope that my love for you is inspiring you as much as yours does for me!

I can’t wait to cry in your arms when I see you again.

Thank you for being you!



What do you do when your Twin Flame partner wants to leave their marriage for you but their husband or wife is still in love with them?

Stay Blessed!

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