When twin flames mirror each other is it that when you feel sad, doubtful etc that they are simultaneously experiencing this emotion as well? When you’re happy, full of unconditional love they are too?

I declared to have a hangover during Christmas so I have been drinking — Also, I am trying to take my Twin Flame off my mind.

I can’t seem to be successful at having a break from thinking of him. The more I detach myself, the deeper it hurts.

I think it’s him — he is thinking of me.

I have tried to do things to quiet my mind but I feel him. I just want to have my alone time but his essence is here.

Simple Twin Flame Awakening Tips for you especially a beginner.

I have never discussed the topic of Twin Flames with him but I feel his happiness and sadness.

I am going to draw something and post it on social media to give him a sign that I feel him.

He is an artist too!

Wish me luck!

Twin Flame Union is inevitable if it is meant to be. Were you in a relationship when you met your Twin Flame? Here is my story.

——————————————————— Edited 26th Dec 2019.

I told you about drawing something and post it on social media and I did! A few hours into posting a video of me drawing, I started to feel my Twin Flame more intensely.

I went into a moment of intense longing which was his feeling, and the rest of Christmas day was an emotional wreck for me because my hearting was constantly pounding — the intense energetic pulling from him made me sick all day.

I was throwing up and it only got better once I accepted to feel him back.

OMG! this Twin Flame connection can be great but also confusing, infuriation and overwhelming.


Stay Blessed!

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