Do twin flames have to have toxic karmic partners to understand the value of their twin flames? My twin’s karmic partner is a very good soulmate and I’m very glad that he’ll be very happy with her. But will he ever realise what our connection is?

There is power in talking about a situation. If you want closure from your Twin Flame to understand if you are meant to be or not, talk to them no matter how challenging it seems.

You will only have clarity if you take the initiative.

Having closure with him will also allow you to move on and respect his Karmic relationship.

I was the married one two years ago and boy, meeting a Twin Flame while having a Karmic partner complicates the Twin Flame relationship because once you meet your Twin Flame, all you do is crave to be together.

I divorced two years ago and we are still great friends with my ex and so is my Twin Flame.

When my Twin Flame wasn’t talking to me directly, he would go through my ex-husband.

Karmic partners don’t have to be toxic but what do you desire?

Don’t quit on your love that easily. Twin Flame love is worth waiting and fighting for!

Stay in Love! ❤️

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