Does anyone get physical symptoms from their twin thinking of them, not just energetically but some sort of physical indication that’s otherwise inexplicable?

The double heartbeats intensify as if both our hearts are rhythmically in sync with each other. Sometimes my heart area swells up accompanied with warmth around my chest.

I could feel this way whenever he looked in my eyes before separation — and I feel it now.

Also, I know that my Twin Flame is thinking of me especially during special days like this festive season and my birthdays.

Apart from heart area swelling, I Sometimes feel physical heart-breaking pain around my heart.

One day I was in the middle of teaching a class and my heart started aching. The doctors couldn’t see anything and I wasn’t feeling sick but I help my chest for over an hour.

I had to cancel teaching that day.

Sometimes I get love-sick; In these moments, I only want to spend the whole day thinking of him. I usually stay away from people and all I want is alone time.

This is the weirdest of all! — When my Twin Flame is thinking of me, I can’t get over my social media. I stay on it as if it’s him looking through it without any action — I am not a big social media fan but when he is stalking me, I can feel it.

One day, he was stalking my Instagram, and I knew for sure that he was. I posted a short video of me exercising and he liked it, and sent me a message; “Great work!”

Also, you can’t miss the Sexual intimacy when your Twin Flame is thinking of making love. I always feel compelled to think of him sexually too!

Lastly, usually, I see myself in the mirror and sometimes I see him looking back at me. Sometimes I see his eyes when I look in the mirror.

I ALWAYS feel my Twin Flame with me.

I hope you are enjoying your holidays.

Stay Blessed!

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