If the occasion ever arrived where you had to explain to your twin flame about what is going on, how would you say it without confusing them further?

This is what I said exactly:

When you said that I made you uncomfortable, I didn’t understand it at first but it has taken me a series of lessons to understand that I needed healing to do.

I have been going through soul challenging lessons beginning with learning to love myself. It has been challenging but I had to look within myself to understand my pain.

I am sorry I hurt you by telling you to stay away from me; I regret sending that message because it changed our relationship but at the same time, I doubt if I would have grown to transform into this person if I hadn’t run from you.

When I am with you, I lose a sense of time. I forget about the normal way of living life because we absorb each other and we become something else.

I am not saying that it has been great being away from you. It has been hell, and I miss you every second of the day.

You are my home and every minute I am away from you hurts.

I had a dream about us last night, you surprised me with a visit and you looked different. You had changed and grown.

I woke up feeling happy because holding you again in the dream felt so real that I still feel you.

I was so peaceful in your arms and safe. How we love each other was still the same even though we had both grown and changed.

I always tell you how special you are.

Thank you for being you!

Meeting you has inspired me to become the authentic version of myself. I have never loved myself before but now I do! It is the most empowering feeling ever!

I love my days, even though I miss you and think of you constantly. I can’t seem to move on from how you love me.

But, I am happy in my solitude. I love my tasks and the things that I focus my energy on seem to manifest success.

I feel abundantly blessed — This is also because I feel safe from within because you are always with me.

I don’t know how to explain it to you but I feel you in my heart — My heart is full of love for you. I hope that you feel this too. There is no way I can feel you, and you don’t because we feel each other when we are together.

Sometimes I want to let go and move on from you but it feels impossible. I feel bound to you no matter who I try to use to replace you.

Sometimes when I block our connection, I become frustrated and nothing seems to work. I only get peace and harmony within when I let our connection flow without trying to control how I feel.

My runner experience was lonely – I missed him all the time. This was my experience.

I don’t deny that there are days I used to wish to disconnect because no matter how much I feel you, I miss having you in the physical.

I have no idea how our life will turn out but I have this feeling in my heart that things will be alright without us having to do anything about it; the same way we met at the beginning of our meeting.

I know that you want this no matter who is in the way. I also know you will explode if you saw me happy with someone else. I don’t want to hurt you.

I apologized enough for blocking you and I know that you forgave me. I also lately have told you countless times that I am still here waiting for you.

I am patiently waiting to have what belongs to us.

Thank you for being you!

Stay Blessed!

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