Why do I suddenly feel my heart chakra making me so joyful? Is it related to my twin flame?

Isn’t this the most beautiful feeling ever!

When I started feeling constant joy, my days became better and brighter.

For me, the feeling of joy started after healing from the pain of physical separation and fully let go of controlling the future of the connection.

But after I healed, I first felt stagnated in limbo because I didn’t expect to heal as fast as I did and I had no plans of what happens next after healing.

Twin Flame Chaser Pain – How to Recover from Separation – How do you keep enjoying your life when you desperately want to be with your Twin Flame?

Then I realized that the PAIN was over and what was next was to ask myself what I want.

I desire a reunion.

Almost a month ago, I decided to act following my desires and I wrote him an emotionally messy letter explaining that I am waiting for him.

I haven’t re-read it because it’s embarrassing how I wrote to him, I was so nervous and I didn’t know the right words to use.

But finally, at least I told him the Truth!

After I wrote to him, my joy in my heart increased and it has been constant since then!

Amazing things happen when you set yourself free of fear!

I hope that my answer helps you with your question.

Have a wonderful festive season! ❤️😇


Stay Blessed!

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