Why is affection shown from only one side in any twin flame connection? Can it not be mutual?

From my connection, it is double-sided. We both know that what we have is a Unique Sacred connection which is something that we both have been looking for.

We acknowledged this right at the start of the encounter and it is what has kept us believing that we shall someday come back to each other.

The first text message that my Twin Flame sent after we separated was 👀 — the eyes because we don’t need words to affirm the bond. We could get lost in each other’s eyes.

No matter where he goes or who he is with while we are physically separated, I know that he misses me.

I make him happy and he makes me happy too!

When I was going through the chasing phase, I felt at some point that I could be one-sided but before the doubt faded, he sent me a sign that we both are missing each other.

If you feel the connection being pulled at by your Twin Flame on the other end, how can it be one-sided?

I advise my fellow Twin Flames to always confirm the fact with your Twin Flame if they feel what you feel.

You don’t have to bring up the topic of what Twin Flames are but there are certain indicators that you both feel the same way for each other.

You could share experiences and compare notes.

Always Connected in Soul – Lessons of true Love.

Certain aspects that both Twin Flames go through are Soul Awakening and the Dark Night of the Soul.

Also, if you are doubtful of the connection, could it be that it is not a genuine Twin Flame Connection?

Stay Blessed.

Healthy Energy & Self-care Habits

Happy Holidays! ☀️😇

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