My twin flame keeps sexually connecting with me telepathically. How can I make him stop?

ake it all in, embrace it and let it consume you! It is uncomfortable feeling your Twin Flame’s sexual energy at first but it gets euphoric and orgasmic once you accept to let it flow through you.

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I don’t know about other female Twin Flames but for me, feeling my Twin Flame’s sexual energy during “cramps season” makes the pain bearable. Ever since I merged my energy with my Twin Flame, I don’t take as many pain killers as I used to. Sometimes I don’t take any because I don’t feel the pain or stress anymore.

Also, it is comforting feeling your Twin Flame love you in so many different ways using their energy. No matter how much some people don’t agree with the Twin Flame connection, feeling your Twin Flame’s energy is so real!

There comes a time when the Twin Flame chaser surrenders to the connection after experiencing the stress and exhaustion of chasing the divine counterpart. What are some of the tips to help you with Surrender?

This is also why I don’t feel the need to date anybody else. I have never experienced such soul intimacy with anyone before. The connection to my Twin Flame is cosmic.

I feel satisfied with the soul. I feel complete — I feel so empowered to achieve anything. I feel a magical feeling connected to my Twin Flame.

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Also, Twin Flames, feeling your Twin’s energy is confirmation that they miss you, think of you and they long for you.

You should feel relieved when you channel your Twin Flame’s energy!

I hope that my perspective helps you with your question.

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TWIN FLAME “RUNNER” EXPERIENCE: Always Connected in Soul — When I ran from my Twin Flame, I always felt connected to him all the time.
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Stay Blessed.

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