What does it feel like to reunite with your twin flame after years of separation? Does it feel like there is still work to do or is it like the end of a feel-good movie?

I can only explain to you how I feel right now; It feels like neither like a feel-good movie nor does it feel as if there is more work to be done. I feel happy, relaxed, calm and without expectations.

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I know for sure that I will be seeing him soon for my birthday, and his attempts to return are affirmations that it is the end of our separation.

At first, when I heard that he was attempting to return, I was overwhelmed and anxious — I wondered to myself if I was ready to see him again but it has been over 4 weeks and I have come to accept that my life is going to change after we reunite.

My life situation is ready and available to him; I am free, single and happy the way I am.

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I used to wonder how our reunion would feel like. I used to picture so many scenarios, and now that it is here, I don’t have any expectations.

It is true that the Twin Flame connection is divinely guided, and once you reach the phase when the reunion is almost happening, you believe that everything has been orchestrated by the universe.

I never had any doubts that my Twin Flame would return but I was anxious that life lifetime could be short for us to have enough time to enjoy it together.

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Once he looked in my eyes and said that he would be back to me, I believed him and I held onto that promise ever since.

Since I sabotaged our connection, all that he was waiting for was for me to tell him that I was ready. He needed to hear that I am still here waiting for him.

It has been over two years since we separated and it took me over a year to accept the situation and surrender. The surrender took as long as it needed to bring me to this moment of reunion.

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I feel overwhelmed a little bit because I know that having a life with my Twin Flame will require more changes; I have to move to his continent even though he wants to move to mine. It is a better decision for us to stay on his; relocation to mine will be too complicated but we can take it slow — a step a day at a time.

I never thought of having kids but the thought of joining a life together with his is a sure thing that we are going to create a family even though he also said that he didn’t want kids. I am not worried about motherhood but I know that we have a bigger mission than kids.

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Karmic Partners: What do you do if you meet your Twin Flame but they are married with kids?

My Twin Flame and I, we care so much about helping others that we discussed to create an orphanage in the future. Indeed,

I didn’t grow up with a family of my own and I want to finally rest my soul — I finally feel like I am going home to my family when I think of seeing my Twin Flame again. Unlike for my Twin Flame, he grew up in a big family with five other siblings. Being the middle child, he complained a lot about always “ignored”. We both had abandonment issues, therefore, we talked about family a lot.

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For me, I don’t know if it is our life purpose but I would love to learn more about music. My Twin Flame is a wonderful guitar player, and I want us to create some music together just for fun.

He is also an amazing artist, and I paint — we can create some synergy together.

He is not limiting the time of stay once he returns because that last time he said that he was staying for 10 days and kept extending his stay for over almost a month.

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I just want to go anywhere with him. It is the first thing I will say to him. I want to start my life over — We can go anywhere and do everything that we want.

Thinking of all the details of the Future is a bit overwhelming but I cannot stop it.

The Future is here already.

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Happy new year!

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