What does the twin flame runner think when the chaser finally gives up? Does it occur to the runner that the chase may be over for good?

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The first thing that comes to your mind is fear that the chaser found someone new who makes them feel the way you feel. Then you panic wondering if the behaviors of running were necessary or not. If you had blocked your Twin Flame, you immediately unblock them so that you can talk.

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If the Twin Flame chaser chooses to block you back, you get angry, guilty, anxious and overwhelmed that you messed up a good thing.

I went into a phase of depression when I realized that running from my Twin Flame was a bad idea. I wondered if I had pushed him in the arms of other lovers and I kept thinking of the worst-case scenarios of every situation possible if my Twin Flame was dating other people.

I wrote to him, texted, and called but it had started seeming as if it was an obsessive behavior.

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No matter how much I stressed him out with my chasing, I didn’t doubt his love for me. I could feel him pull me into the connection all the time which compelled me to chaser him further.

I was new to the Twin Flame experience and I did not realize that my behaviors were part of the running and chasing phase.

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There are times when I stopped chasing him and he would pop back in my life by liking one of my social media posts or he could call my house-mate and he would stay on the phone asking about details of my life. This would trigger me into another phase chasing him back.

Even though my Twin Flame would rarely talk to me, I never doubted that he loves me. I always had the affirmation that no matter what strange thing I do or say, he knows my soul.

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I always know that my Twin Flame understands me in a special way that nobody else understands.

I recently told him that I have been waiting for only him. I am ready to face it all.

I ready for change and our Forever.

Thanks for asking this.

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Stay Blessed.