If I love myself the way I want my twin flame to love me, will he start to mirror that?

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Love yourself the way you love your Twin Flame because you will never have an idea of how your Twin Flame loves you because you will never physically be them but, you share a oneness that is undeniable and true from the Source of your soul.

What would you do if you meet your Twin Flame when you are already in a relationship?

The more you love yourself the way you love your Twin Flame, it shifts your consciousness about how you treat yourself, your Twin Flame and the connection generally because you are challenged to see everything through your Twin Flame’s eyes.

How you feel about yourself is how you will feel when you are with your Twin Flame.

It is indeed very frustrating when you physically separate from your Twin Flame for the first time. Here are some tips to help recover from the shock and heal the pain

You must get used to appreciating yourself through the eyes of your Twin Flame — if this makes you uncomfortable in any way, then you know that something is not right.

Don’t focus on your Twin Flame, focus on you!

What do you do when your Twin Flame partner wants to leave their marriage for you but their husband or wife is still in love with them?
 —Twin Flames & Karmic Partners

Stay Blessed.

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