“I Surrendered and Healed, Now What’s NEXT?: These Simple tips helped me to initiate a Reunion with my Twin Flame.

TWIN FLAME REUNION: The Beginning Of Forever: What are the Tips to REUNION?

My Twin Flame will be returning after two years of physical separation because we come from different continents – He refused to talk to me for various reasons and I have been getting all the updates through a mutual friend.

I had to go through changes: Spiritual Awakening, The Dark Night of The Soul, and my life felt chaotic before it became better. I have evolved Spiritually, physically, emotionally, energetically and mentally because of the transformations that were accelerated by my Twin Flame initial encounter.

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When I was obsessing about a reunion with my Twin Flame two years ago, I assumed that I would be overwhelmed if ever saw him again but I am very relaxed, happy, without expectations. I feel free to embrace any change that is coming my way.

I am more nervous about life after the reunion; There is so much change to happen especially if we are aspiring to merge our physical lives:

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I will have to move continents:

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This means that I will have to forget my past life completely. Stay further away from my family and adopt new traditions, make new friends, find new things to do, etc.

My Twin Flame comes from a very big extended family and I don’t have much of a family. Family is what I make it, but I also understand the complications of joining a new family. 

The beauty of moving to a new place is that I have learned to embrace change and the Twin Flame journey has taught me how to be resilient. Secondly, I have my Twin Flame by my side – I can overcome any obstacle when I am with him – He is willing to move to a new place that we both never been.

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My Twin Flame is willing to learn about my culture & traditions:

The last few words he said to me when we were saying goodbye to each other was that he wanted to come back and go where I grew up. This means that we are going to travel a lot before we settle which we both love.

I have to set new goals for the future, and I am nervous:

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Apart from aspiring to a harmonious union with my Twin Flame, I had not thought of anything else. I had not asked myself these questions enough:

I know who I am now, but who will I be when I am with my Twin Flame in a relationship?

Life will be different when we are together, and things might get more complicated before they get better. I have to now check myself to know if I still have residue from the pain that my Twin Flame could trigger.

What will my daily goals be? What will I be doing to keep myself happy?

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Because I know that I will be moving to a new life, I have to think of the new person that I will become. To live in harmony with my Twin Flame, I must have passions and hobbies that keep me happy individually. I love to feel free, independent and creative. I don’t expect my Twin Flame to always be there to keep me happy.

What will my Life mission be?

I am now asking myself the biggest question; “What do I want to do with the rest of my life?”

I know that a union with my Twin Flame is eternal, and I keep wondering if our passions and talents will merge so that we can create something new and meaningful or if we shall both do different things but support each other.

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I am full of questions right now, and I guess it is good to feel nervous about the future.

One important lesson that I have learned is that the temporary physical separation that you go through with your Twin Flame is only the start of your journey. It is only a perspective of the Twin Flame experience but there is a bigger picture.

  • The bigger picture starts with you having the end in mind and it begins with you asking yourself what you want to achieve if you had the best-case scenario of your Twin Flame situation.

For me, it is Forever Harmony with my Twin Flame. I want him to be close to me forever because he brings to me peace, joy, bliss, and blessings.

If you have an end goal, you will keep the faith in your journey, and you will also know when things are working out or not.

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The second most important thing is to align your inner desires with your physical situation. You must be disciplined to practice what you preach. Stay true to your truth and keep believing in your experiences.

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