What are the chances like feeling love for a man that also loves you? How do you feel it?

Awakening to Twin Flame love brings so much change in your life — What are some simple tips if you are new to the experience?

It feels heavenly, wonderful, blissful and SAFE. You finally find your Happy Place, your Home, and Sanctuary.

Love is sweet — It gives you wings to fly, and it empowers you to achieve whatever you thought was impossible.

True love pushes you to grow, and expand within. You feel wiser, stronger, and braver than before.

When someone loves you, you feel the attraction. you feel the electricity bursting out of you every time they look at you, and you feel attracted to be in their company.

It is always in the eyes; the baby eyes, the intensity — you can see your lover’s soul when you look in their eyes because they open up their hearts for you.

Once when you affirm when you are reuniting with a Twin Flame, you relax and let divine timing bring everything to you because you TRUST that what belongs to you will always be yours.

They worry if they blink, you would disappear — when a man loves a woman, he shows her how beautiful she is through his actions. He treats her like the queen that she is because he respects his role as the king.

Falling in love is Beautiful!

What would you do if you meet your Twin Flame when you are already in a relationship?

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