What does it mean when you dream of your twin flame?

Well, I used to wonder how dreaming of my Twin Flame felt like at the beginning of our physical separation because I had never experienced it before.

When my Twin Flame encounter triggered my soul into an awakening, I was feeling all sorts of emotions and everything felt chaotic because I didn’t know that I was going through a Twin Flame awakening. I learned that later after I went through certain phases of my journey like the night of the soul. Managing Separation Pain: How to recover and heal your pain and Soul Shock.

Once I learned to calm the emotional chaos from within, I realized that I can always channel my Twin Flame’s energy.

The more I learned to embrace the shared energy with my Twin Flame, I started to dream of him more frequently every night. Twin Flame Awakening; What are the Authentic Signs of meeting a Twin Flame?

As our shared energy of oneness grew, so did the intensity of my dreams.

Always Connected in Soul — The soul intimacy that Twin Flames share with each other makes it impossible to forget each other. You are constantly thinking about each other. This was my running experience.

Does the Twin Flame Runner miss you and love you as much as you love them?

From my experiences, Union is already happening within you. You are constantly merging in essence and energy.

The physical aspect of a Twin Flame experience is a reunion. No matter how many times you drift away from each other, you will always feel the Union and the ONENESS with your Twin Flame. Twin Flame Fun Facts: do you know this?

Every time you come back together physically is a reunion.

I believe that dreaming of your Twin Flame is a sign of healing and growth in your connection that you channel each other through your dreams.

It does not necessarily mean that a reunion is near but it is a positive sign of recovery, and growth in your energetic union. Positive Vibrations to uplift your energetic vibrations.

I hope that my perspective helps you with your question.

Stay Blessed.

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