Do people who meet their twin flame often divorce from their current spouse in order to open the door for a twin flame relationship?

Well, it depends on different scenarios and the timing of the encounter. If life is fortunate enough to allow both Twin Flames to free themselves to be with their divine counterpart, then it is the perfect case scenario.

Karmic Partners: I must admit that I ran from my Twin Flame because I was still solving issues in my marriage. I wanted to stay away from him to calm that chaos in my life. Are you going through this? Here are some simple tips.

But, sometimes it gets very complicated when one of the Twin Flame is married with children, or if they have a complicated history with their Karmic partner like sharing long term assets, businesses, and sometimes a Twin Flame partner could come from a very complicated family and religious background where separation and divorce are considered as abominations.

Awakening to Twin Flame love: When You meet your Twin Flame, you feel the ONENESS due to the energetic merge.

In my case, I was the married Twin Flame and meeting him shed light on all the darkness in my life. I realized that I had to let my marriage go because neither my ex-husband or I were happy. It had been a long process of unhappiness and passive-aggressiveness.

Meeting my Twin Flame did not automatically make me divorce or leave my husband — I had no idea that the deep bond that we both assumed was a special friendship was something that would fade after we separated.

Awakening to Twin Flame love catches you by surprise; It is a journey that takes you back to rediscovering the authentic version of yourself. It is a transformational process that cleanses you from inside out. Are you new?

None of us knew about Twin Flames or what it means to find a Twin Flame. We could not understand why we merged into each other seamlessly. we completed each other so well, and we brought so much peace and happiness to each other.

He had to go back to his home country and my emotions and feelings only intensified after that. The separation anxiety threw me in moments of emotional chaos and the mood swings became more intense. I was thrown into a Soul Awakening phase.

If you desire a harmonious physical reunion with your Twin Flame, you must make it your daily goal to pursue it. Work hard to fix your life so that you feel ready to be together with your Twin Flame.

It has been over two years since I last saw him and I have been single — it is recently when I reached out to him to let him know about my life situation.

Life right now is not what I expected three years ago before I met my Twin Flame. I was living a life of dogma but not as intense as it became once I met my Twin Flame.

I think of him every day, every minute and every second of the day. I see his eyes, and I feel his essence around me. I keep falling in love with him every day without seeing him.

Twin Flame Runner Returning: Does the Runner feel how I Feel?

Life has not been all roses for me once we separated; I had to go through so much change and most of which was difficult to embrace. But, every time I managed to overcome my pain, I went through healing which brought more happiness to me.

I had my businesses joined together with my husband, and I had to separate our friends and relatives after the divorce. This changed my social networks and I lost my olf friends especially those who did not want to accept the new person that I had become after the Spiritual awakening. To some friends, my energy was too intense for them because I was vibrating from positivity and good vibes.

If you need simple tips on how to manage the pain of separation from your Twin Flame, try this.

The Twin Flame journey has been a lonely one for me. Not so many people can understand the transformations and the new person that you evolve into.

Long-distance communication became estranged for my Twin Flame and I. Time difference and the hypersensitivity of the connection made it difficult for us to harmonically communicate.

There is a point he stopped talking to me completely because I hurt him with my words. This intensified my chasing habits because I kept apologizing.

Twin Flame Chaser Surrender: Learning to Let Go to Heal — As a chaser, you get to a point of exhaustion and all you wish is for the pain to stop. You finally let go.

When your Twin Flame shuts you out, you feel lost and lonely. You feel as if half of yourself has been hidden away and you crave to merge.

Long story short; I will be seeing him soon and I thought that I would be overwhelmed but I am not. The future after we reunite is scarier than the reunion itself.

Always Connected in Soul — The soul intimacy that Twin Flames share with each other makes it impossible to forget each other. You are constantly thinking about each other. This was my running experience.

I thought that life changed after I met him; The reunion is going to bring more extreme changes that will affect the rest of our lives.

It is scary to think of the future but a life together with my Twin Flame is EXCITING to think about!

Thanks for asking this question and I hope that my perspective helps you with your question.

If you desire a harmonious physical reunion with your Twin Flame, you must make it your daily goal to pursue it. Work hard to fix your life so that you feel ready to be together with your Twin Flame.

Stay Blessed.