What did you regret the most in the twin flame journey?

REGRET was a negative feeling that used to eat me up on a daily before I found my Twin Flame. I used to live life from low energy vibrations and feeling like a victim of my circumstances felt good sometimes.

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Sometimes I used to not g through with my choices and decisions, and regret everything later. I used to REGRET more that act or be responsible for my life.

I don’t know about other Twin Flames but I have been blessed abundantly on this Twin Flame journey more than I ever imagined. I feel lucky every day for being a Twin Flame because I managed to embrace the negative feelings that I used to have and cleaned them out of my system.

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I am so grateful for my Twin Flame encounter. I was given a new chance to live my life authentically.

I am happy to say that regret is a feeling that I don’t feel anymore!

To answer your question, I don’t regret anything at all during this chaotic, invigorating, transformative experience.

I feel ABUNDANTLY BLESSED to be who I am as a Twin Flame.

I hope that my perspective helps you.

Once when you affirm when you are reuniting with a Twin Flame, you relax and let divine timing bring everything to you because you TRUST that what belongs to you will always be yours.

Stay in Love!