What is your twin flame like? In what ways are you alike and different?

I will delightfully answer this with photos! 🙂 — (Photos by google)

This is a perfect reflection of who my Twin Flame and I are — Taurus + Pisces. I never believed in horoscopes before but I believe our combination.


Earth + Water | Venus + Neptune


My Twin Flame is a Total Taurus:

Twin Flame Chaser Pain: Why do Twin Flames Run? It is very painful trying to keep up with a Twin Flame runner.

And this is me!

If you desire a harmonious physical reunion with your Twin Flame, you must make it your daily goal to pursue it. Work hard to fix your life so that you feel ready to be together with your Twin Flame.

At the End of the day, We harmonize each other.

Always Connected in Soul — The soul intimacy that Twin Flames share with each other makes it impossible to forget each other. You are constantly thinking about each other. This was my running experience.

In Conclusion: It is no mistake that I met my Twin Flame. I am so grateful for the blessings.

Stay Blessed.