Does drinking alcohol take you further away from your twin flame?

Twin Flame Chaser Surrender: Learning to Let Go to Heal — As a chaser, you get to a point of exhaustion and all you wish is for the pain to stop. You finally let go.

This question is odd but I will take a humble swing at it.

Well, excessive drinking of alcohol takes you away from everyone — it alienates you and you keep drowning in sorrow as you drink yourself to sleep every night. My grandfather was a typical drunk when I was growing up.

When it comes to the Twin Flame experience, drinking has always been a blockage for me energetically.

Sometimes when I am too happy and get drunk, I drunk text my Twin Flame telling him how amazing he is. Sometimes I start to feel as if I am in 5D with him when I am happily buzzed.

Does the Runner feel how I Feel? Does your Twin Flame miss you as much as you miss them?

But, there are times when I want a break from feeling the connection and I use drinking some wine to take my thoughts away from him. I sometimes energetically disconnect temporarily and I focus on having fun.

After a temporary disconnection in our energy, sometimes I wake up feeling a space from within. The emptiness is caused by the temporary disconnect but the connection intensifies after that.

Karmic Partners: I must admit that I ran from my Twin Flame because I was still solving issues in my marriage. I wanted to stay away from him to calm that chaos in my life. Are you going through this? Here are some simple tips.

I hope that my perspective helps you with your question.

Stay in love!

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